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22 Nov 2018 | by Lisa Cockerill

Takata Airbag compulsory recall update

The Federal Government issues a compulsory recall on faulty Airbags in February 2018. 
The defective airbags are the Takata branded airbags that have been segregated into 2 groups. The first being the 'Alpha', secondly the 'Beta'.
The Alpha airbag group are the higher risk group and it is critical to have these airbags replaced in vehicles that were fitted in them between 2001 and 2004 for the following vehicles.
Queensland Transport and Main Roads are supporting the Federal Government in the recall by contacting owners at risk from their database and requesting that Approved Inspection Stations list on the Safety Certificate if the vehicle has not had a faulty airbag replacement.
This is information that the new buyer of the vehicle can be made aware of if this is noted on the Safety Certificate. This could potentially put your buyer off the sale of the vehicle so best to have the recall sorted prior to your Safety Certificate Inspection.
Buyers and Sellers can search online if a vehicle has had an airbag recall at and enter the vehicles registration number.
There is a link on that website that you can check if the recalled airbag has been replaced from the links provided to the manufacturers website. This can be used to show potential buyers that the recall has been completed and that the car is now safe.
Be aware that Queensland Transport and Main Roads may cancel the registration of the vehicles that are in the higher risk with the Alpha Airbags.
For peace of mind and the safety of you and your family we encourage all owners of vehicles affected by the recall to not put it off and book in for the recall replacement as soon as possible. 


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