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10 Apr 2019 | by Lisa Cockerill

what dose a M1 Mechanic check over in a service?


We all know that when you have your car serviced that the oil and oil filter is always changed. 


It is depending on where the vehicle service schedule is up to that determines whether air filters, fuel filters and cabin filters are also removed and replaced.


One of the best parts of having your vehicle serviced regularly and on time is that the mechanic can check over your vehicle while the vehicle is on the hoist.


This can also reassure a potential buyer later on when you are selling the vehicle that a fully qualified mechanic has not only regularly changed the oil and filters but the vehicle has been checked over every 6 months or 10,000kms (this may vary from different manufacturers service schedules)


Our mechanics can check over the vehicle entirely giving you the reassurance that you and your family are driving a safe, reliable vehicle.


The items that are checked during a Safety Check when servicing a vehicle are:


  • Tyres. Tyre depth, any edges that are worn inside or outside of the tyre, punctures, age of the tyre and cracking or damage on the sidewall.
  • Oil Leaks. Checking for oil leaks coming from the engine, gearbox or transmission seals
  • Water leaks. Are there any water leaks evident? Radiator/water pump hoses etc.
  • Brakes. Brake pad and rotors thickness.
  • All suspension components including bushes and springs
  • All steering components
  • Exhaust and Driveline
  • All lights, headlights low/high beam, indicators, number plate and brake lights
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Road test. Checking the effectiveness of the brakes and how the vehicle handles on the road whilst listening for any unusual noises coming from the vehicle.



Any up coming maintenance will be noted on your invoice to be prepared for any additional items required next service. These are typically tyres and brakes that are safe and roadworthy at this service but in the next 10,000km will be below legal limits.


When booking in your vehicle for a service let us know if your vehicle is making any unusual noises or vibrations and when they occur. 



My steering wheel has a vibration when I am braking from 60km to stop at a traffic light.


My car makes a clicking noise whenever I turn right around corners.


Our experienced mechanics will be more than happy to come for a road test with you to allow you to show us the noise or vibration you are feeling.


M1 Mechanics are fully qualified and are able to sign your Logbook to keep your vehicle covered under the Manufacturer’s New Car Warranty.


All maintenance required outside of the booked service is quoted and only carried out with the owners consent.


You know your car better than anyone and when things are not running right we are here to listen.


Let us look after not only your vehicles service and maintenance but also you.






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