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Safety Tip - Brakes

5 Sep 2013 | by Lisa Cockerill
Brake Tip-A change in the feel of the brake pedal is a good indication there's a brake problem. If the pedal starts to feel soft (or worse, contacts the floor) do...

Car Buyers' and sellers' checklists

10 Dec 2012 | by Lisa Cockerill
Buyer's Checklist Check that: - The current registration certificate is in the seller's name – although this is not proof of ownership - Whoever fills in the Transfer...

Top 7 Innovations in Auto Safety

27 Oct 2012 | by Lisa Cockerill
Have you heard about the talking car? No joke! The U.S. Department of Transportation and the University of Michigan are currently working on a vehicle-to-vehicle...

Safety Tip-Tyre Inflation

25 Sep 2012 | by Lisa Cockerill
All tyre pressures (including the spare) should be checked weekly, when the tyres are cold. Refer to the tyre placard attached to your vehicle for recommended pressures. This is...

Safety Tip - Steering components

21 Aug 2012 | by Lisa Cockerill
Worn steering components can contribute to unstable braking, poor control while turning and loss of control at high speeds. Malfunctioning of shock absorbers can...

Safety Tip-Seat belts

15 Aug 2012 | by Lisa Cockerill
Seat belts, properly fitted and in good condition, save lives and minimise the risk of injury. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure that all passengers are restrained by a...


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