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New car warranty myth | M1 Safety Certificates

29 Dec 2013 | by Lisa Cockerill
Buying a brand new car is exciting and an experience that you won’t forget. The salesperson will go through all of the features of the car, accessories and most...

Mazda RX-8 Engine rebuild Specials

24 Dec 2013 | by Lisa Cockerill
M1 Safety Certificates Gold Coast is the regions preferred and trusted work shop for Mazda RX-7 & RX-8's. From fault diagnostics, logbook servicing and maintenance to full engine...

What to look for when buying a vehicle

16 Dec 2013 | by Lisa Cockerill
Shopping for a new vehicle is not only confusing with all the variety on the market but the language spoken by the...

Programs for Learner drivers In Queensland

11 Dec 2013 | by Lisa Cockerill
In 2012 there were 279 fatalities on Queensland roads. In 2013 we are seeing the numbers of road fatalities grow throughout the year on the news and always comparing it to the year before. As we...

Five tips when looking for a first car for a learner driver

26 Nov 2013 | by Lisa Cockerill
It is a nerve-racking experience for any parent when their son or daughter has reached the age of being able to get their...

How to determine if a vehicle has been in an accident

22 Nov 2013 | by Lisa Cockerill
Buying a second hand vehicle is an exciting process. Even though the vehicle isn’t brand new from the showroom floor, it is still new to you. Starting out on the...

What to do when issued with a Defect Notice on your vehicle?

16 Nov 2013 | by Lisa Cockerill
With the new hoon laws being enforced across Queensland we felt that this article would be appropriate to inform the general public about defective vehicles and what they need to do if they are...

New Anti Hoon Laws in Queensland

14 Nov 2013 | by Lisa Cockerill
Australia's toughest anti-hooning laws have now been passed in Queensland. We thought we would give you a quick break down of how the new law will work. How to lose your car. ...

How to keep your tyres roadworthy longer

11 Nov 2013 | by Lisa Cockerill
One of the most common failures for a Safety Certificate is Tyres. We all know how important they are but we forget to maintain them until it is too late. Tyres wear differently...

Inspected Vehicles

20 Jul 2013 | by Lisa Cockerill
This page is small sample of vehicles that M1 Safety Certificates have inspected, carried servicing or repairs. ...

Test driving your vehicle

1 Jun 2013 | by Lisa Cockerill
One of the questions that we are asked far to often is do you really need to test drive my vehicle? The answer is YES. A road test is normal part of any Safety Certificate Inspection...

Roadworthy Windscreens

9 Apr 2013 | by Lisa Cockerill
What makes a windscreen unroadworthy Windscreen damage or defects may impair a driver’s forward vision, create a potential safety hazard and affect road safety. However...

Backpacker Vehicle Buyers Beware

12 Mar 2013 | by Lisa Cockerill
In 2013 Australia has seen a significant increase in the backpacking tourism industry due partly to economical issues plaguing Europe as well as other continents across the globe. It...

Mechanic/Examiners Job Available

6 Mar 2013 | by Lisa Cockerill
M1 Safety Certificates is an industry leader in vehicle safety and inspection. We pride ourselves with providing a high quality, friendly service at a location convenient to our customers either...


4 Mar 2013 | by Lisa Cockerill
Towing a trailer or caravan Towing a trailer or caravan requires extra concentration and skill. You should gain experience before trying to tow at high speed or in confined spaces. ...

Driving in Bad weather

2 Mar 2013 | by Lisa Cockerill
With all the bad weather we have been having in Queensland lately, aquaplaning or the risk of being involved in a accident increases dramatically. Aquaplaning is where there is a build-up of...


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