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What you need to know about Statutory Warranties

16 Dec 2014 | by Lisa Cockerill
Statutory Warranty Buying a second hand vehicle can be tiring and stressful as well as exciting all at the same time. There are many decisions that need to be made from what car to buy and...

What to do when your vehicle registration runs out?

3 Dec 2014 | by Lisa Cockerill
With the removal of registration labels being displayed on vehicles in the state of Queensland, there is a higher risk of Queensland drivers driving unregistered vehicles without even...

Regular vehicle servicing

31 Oct 2014 | by Lisa Cockerill
The Importance of Regular Servicing A perfect example of why servicing your vehicle is so important is the picture shown below. This engine was taken from a 2007...

Buying your first car

20 Oct 2014 | by Lisa Cockerill
Your First Car Ask any driver and they can tell you exactly the Year, Make, Model and Colour of their first car quite often with pride even if the vehicle was considered to be a bomb of a...

Conditional Registration Explained

9 Sep 2014 | by Lisa Cockerill
What is Conditional Registration? Queensland Laws state that all vehicles must have compulsory third party insurance to be driven on Queensland Roads. Usually this is apart of your...

Personalised Number Plates

12 Aug 2014 | by Lisa Cockerill
Personalised Plates Having personalised plates can make a vehicle be unique to a car owner and add that bit of individuality separating your vehicle from the rest. ...

What to do in the event of an accident

27 May 2014 | by Lisa Cockerill
On Australia’s roads from 1st January 2014 to 30th April 2014 there were 376 people who lost their lives on the roads. Road Safety is paramount to all road users. Keeping your...

Weekly Vehicle Maintenance Check off list

9 May 2014 | by Lisa Cockerill
Have you ever pulled into the service station and while fuelling up the tank of the vehicle try and remember the last time you checked the air in the tyres or anything under the hood of...

Easter Travelling Tips

14 Apr 2014 | by Lisa Cockerill
It is an Australian Tradition to travel on the Easter Holidays. Camping and fishing trips with the family and as the highways become busier every motorist is taking extra precautions when...

Right Car – Wrong Fuel

3 Apr 2014 | by Lisa Cockerill
Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you approach the counter at a Service Station and ask to pay for the diesel fuel only to find out that the fuel you put into the vehicle was...

Installing Sound Systems and Speakers Legally

24 Mar 2014 | by Lisa Cockerill
Every motoring enthusiast enjoys getting in their vehicle, taking a long drive and turning up the stereo to enjoy the latest tunes or a classic favourite. It brings out the karaoke...

Top Tips for Trailer safety certificates

11 Mar 2014 | by Lisa Cockerill
All trailers have an ATM or Aggregate Trailer Mass. The ATM is measured from the weight of a trailer loaded to its full capacity recommended by the manufacturer without being coupling to...

How to fit child seats

10 Mar 2014 | by Lisa Cockerill
Child Restraints From the first ride home from the hospital through to the day that they have their own driver’s license, parents are always going to have high concerns about...

Ladies Vehicle safety & maintenance night

17 Feb 2014 | by Lisa Cockerill
M1 Safety Certificates Ladies Night February 2014 As everyone does at the end of a year we take the time to look back over the year gone past, see what we have learnt and where...

Top Ten illegal vehicle modifications

28 Jan 2014 | by Lisa Cockerill
Everyone likes to make their vehicle their own when purchasing a new or second hand vehicle. Whether it is a set of fluffy dice, cow print seat covers or My Family Stickers on the back...

Female Friendly Vehicle Servicing

20 Jan 2014 | by Lisa Cockerill
Female Friendly Vehicle Servicing Many of us have seen the media reports on the news programs about young women who are taken advantage of in the Automotive Industry. The sad fact...

Rear Safety Cameras

16 Jan 2014 | by Lisa Cockerill
One of the best advancements in the automotive industry in relation to vehicle safety features is the Rear Safety Camera. There have been too many accidents resulting in...


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