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Safe travelling over the Christmas holidays

23 Dec 2015 | by Lisa Cockerill
Christmas holidays have snuck up early on us this year. It seems to come around quicker each and every year. Many families are packing up the car, caravan and campers and hitting the...

How to complete a Vehicle Registration Transfer Application

26 Oct 2015 | by Lisa Cockerill
A Vehicle Registration Transfer Application form QF3520 is required when a Queensland registered vehicle is being transferred from one name to another. The forms required for...

How to complete a New Registration Application Form

21 Oct 2015 | by Lisa Cockerill
Transferring ownership of vehicles and newly registering vehicles in Queensland requires a lot of paperwork. From invoices through to transfer and registration papers with the Transport...

Stop Texting while driving

19 Oct 2015 | by Lisa Cockerill
It is one of those things that many road users are guilty of at some stage or another. Whether it be picking up the phone to answer a call to pull over while still on the road or...

New Rules for Motorcycles

8 Sep 2015 | by Lisa Cockerill
Motorbikes - Changes to the Queensland Road Rules Driving down the M1 Motorway you will notice large billboards showing that there are changes that have been put in place in relation to the...

How To Import Vehicles into Australia P1

5 Jun 2015 | by Lisa Cockerill
Vehicles are imported into Australia under different circumstances and for that reason the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads have a range of Options for...

Buying Hail & Flood damaged Vehicles

28 May 2015 | by Lisa Cockerill
Buying hail and flood damaged vehicles Brisbane has its fair share of wild weather. From blistering heat through to tropical storms, Brisbane residents have battled through it all. ...

How to restore your headlights

24 Mar 2015 | by Lisa Cockerill
Over time headlights lenses can become dull and discoloured. This affects the ability for light to beam through and becomes a major safety issue when driving at night. It not only...

Heavy vehicles & (COI) Certificate of inspection

3 Feb 2015 | by Lisa Cockerill
A Certificate of Inspection is required for Heavy Vehicles when renewing, transferring or newly registering the vehicle. A Heavy Vehicle by the standard set by the Queensland Department of...

Vehicle Pre Purchase Inspections

5 Jan 2015 | by Lisa Cockerill
Buying a second hand vehicle can be a daunting task. Using the Internet has made it easier to access a lot more of the market to find the perfect vehicle to buy. Although with...

How to buy vehicles from Auctions and wovi inspections

2 Jan 2015 | by Lisa Cockerill
With Queensland summer’s comes tropical storms. The auction houses will start to overflow with hail and storm damaged repairable write offs. Cheaply priced vehicles with paint and...


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