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Motor Finance



If you are looking for finance to assist with your vehicle purchase then M1 Safety Certificates can help you. With our finance partners (1800 Approved Australian Credit Licence # 383999) we can source the right loan to suit your requirements. As finance specialists we have access to a large panel of lenders and insurers who specialise in Motor Vehicle, Caravan and Motorhome finance options to suit all situations


As one of  Australia's leading finance and insurance brokers offering a wide range of products and services.



Our range of products from various lenders includes:

  • Pre-approved Motor Vehicle, Caravan & Motorhome Loans
  • Hire Purchase
  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Leases
  • Secured Personal Loans.
  • Unsecured Personal Loans
  • Private Sale Leisure Loans
  • Refinance options

We offer a complete Motor Vehicle, Caravan & Motorhome finance service. We are also able to organise comprehensive insurance & warranty finance products to protect your investment.


Why use us?


  •   Fast approvals
  •   Access to wide range of finance, insurance and warranty products
  •   We assist in your finance requirements and purchasing decision
  •   Access to the knowledge of experienced finance brokers.

Get great service from an experienced team and a hassle free Motor Vehicle, Caravan & Motorhome finance approval today.



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"Well I think my feedback will be more like a book.:) I first spoke with Lisa over the phone after buying a vehicle for a third party . I ended up calling Lisa after hours rather upset and concerned about the vehicle. She spoke to me for half an hour. She promised to send one of her inspectors around the next morning. She more than fixed my car concerns she put my mind at peace. I got off the phone knowing they cared about people in general. What a lovely lady. Tim came and what a wonderful and experienced chap he is. What I can’t get over is finding a company that are so darn genuine as well as professional on the Gold Coast! I highly recommend MI SAFETY CERTIFICATES . If your buying a car don’t risk it by not having a pre inspection by this company. "
Wendy & Antje


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