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ICO – Inspection Certificates Online


Save time and a trip to the Transport Department!


Queensland Transport allows M1 Safety Certificates to complete the Safety Certificates and Certificate of Inspections online for the following vehicle classes.


  • Cars
  • Motorbikes
  • Light Trailers
  • Heavy Trailers 
  • Heavy Vehicles up to 16 tonne


Once completed the Safety Certificate is automatically lodged with Queensland Transport and Main Roads.


A copy of the Safety Certificate will be emailed to you to keep for your records. When the vehicle is sold the email can be forwarded to the buyer. 


There are options for both the seller and the buyer to complete the online transfer.


Transfering the vehicle as a seller. 


Click here to begin online transfer.


Here is the checklist to go through BEFORE having an Inspection Certificate Online.


1. The Safety Certificate must be an online Safety Certificate or Certificate of Inspection. If you have a paper or hard copy of a Safety Certificate or Certificate of Inspection issued by the Approved Inspection Station, you will need to attend a Queensland Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centre to transfer/register the vehicle.

2. Details of both parties: Driver's Licenses (CRN), first and last names, email addresses

3. Details of the vehicle: Dutiable value and odometer reading

4. Transaction date and confirmation that the vehicle has already been sold.


Transferring the vehicle as a buyer.


Click here to begin online transfer.


1. New owner's details - (Qld drivers license or CRN)

2. Details of the vehicle - Dutiable Value and odometer reading

3. List the purpose of use of the vehicle and if the registration is expired, complete payment for the renewal.


IMPORTANT NOTE (Applicable for both buyer and seller transferring online)


There are circumstances that an Inspection Certificate Online cannot be used.


Firstly check that the seller had an Online Inspection Certificate completed. Any paper versions (blue, yellow and green) will need to be filed in person with Queensland Transport.


1. Vehicles that are exempted from requiring a Safety Certificate for any reason cannot be completed online.

2. The buyer is an organisation/company/business or does not have a Queensland Driver license or   CRN.

3. The vehicle is being transferred to more than one buyer

4. Personalised plates are attached to the vehicle.

5. The buyer is claiming an exemption for duty.

6. The buyer does not have a Queensland address to register the vehicle to.


7. The vehicle has the following:

  •  Fitted with a gas fuel system or other gas system
  •  Registered with a purpose of use other than private or commercial
  •  Conditionally registered
  •  A bus or minibus
  •  A Federal Interstate registration
  •  Mobile Machinery
  •  A special interest vehicle
  •  Motorised wheelchair



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