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General Servicing


M1 Safety Certificates offer general servicing to all makes and models.


All vehicles have an M1 Safety Check to give you a report on the condition of your vehicle and if there is any maintenance or repairs required above the general service.


The tyres are rotated as part of the service to ensure maxmium and even wear on all tyres.


The fully qualified and friendly mechanics will advise you of the seriousness of any repair and the urgency of its repair. Some items may be able to hold until your next service, others may be more urgent for they may be compromising the safety of your vehicle.


Quality parts and products are used by the workshop and they will only proceed with additional required work with your consent.



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"Steve and Mark are professional, clean, affordable and friendly. They fixed an ongoing issue I have had with my Jeep (gearbox) just by ensuring the correct oil was used (other mechanics used wrong oil in gearbox leading to a clunky box. Accepted as thought is was a "Jeep" thing and put up with it - they fixed it). They appear to cover all aspects of vehicle maintenance and now even look after my wife's car, which Mark actually found for us, and many of my own clients use them! I can't praise they guys enough! Thanks boys!"


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