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Wheel Balancing



Most of the time you won’t think about the balancing of your tires until you see the charge for it on your invoice when you have new set of tires put on your car.


Why are balanced tires so important?


When your tires are out of balance the effects can be felt through the entire vehicle. 


Vibration is one of the most common side effects of an unbalanced tire.


Some styles of tires don’t respond as well to traditional balancers and they require more in depth look into the balance of the tire. Without the appropriate equipment for the job, the vibration is impossible to resolve.


This is where the latest technology of our Hunter Road Force Balancer will identify the imbalance and rectify it. 


The Road Force Balancer applies force to the tire and this simulates the tire being under the weight of your vehicle. This is why this equipment can solve the unsolvable. 


Many of our customers that have had the service completed with our latest Hunter Road Force Balancer tell us that they feel like they are driving a completely different vehicle.


If you are having ongoing vibration problems, don’t put up with it. 


Call Us Today 07 5500 5603 to have your tire balance checked.



The Hunter Road Force Elite Wheel Balancer


The Road Force Elite Wheel Balancer is able to solve wheel vibration problems that normal wheel balancers cannot. 


The Road Force® Elite wheel balancer can detect:


·      Non-balance 

·      Radial force related problems 

·      Tire uniformity

·      Rim and tire run-out

·      Wheel to balancer errors 

·      Improper bead sear of tire to rim



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