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HVRAS Inspections



The Heavy Vehicle Registration & Assessment Scheme or otherwise known as HVRAS is the measuring, vehicle identifier check and weights of a vehicle before it is registered in the state of Queensland.


The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads classify vehicles that are over 4.5Tonne and up to 16Tonne as a Heavy Vehicle.


The HVRAS check involves checking of the following:


Dimensional Requirements

Approved load axle system guidelines

Safe Tyre limits

Display of correct compliance and modification plates

Engine number, VIN number, Chassis number and TARE weight verifications


These inspections are carried out of on the following types of vehicles.


  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Camper trailers
  • Motorhomes


Any Trailer over 750kgs ATM or Heavy Vehicle over 4.5t to 16t GVM that is not currently registered in Queensland requires a HVRAS inspection to be able to register the trailer or heavy vehicle. This is a separate inspection to a Safety Certificate inspection.

Not all Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centres have qualified staff to complete the inspection. It is best to contact the Department of Transport on 13 23 80 to schedule an appointment. 

If you do not have the time to take the vehicle into the Transport Department Customer Service Centre, we are qualified to come to you. This can save you time as our Approved Examiners can complete the Safety Certificate and HVRAS at the same time. 



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