Batteries for all makes and models

Car Batteries

At M1 Safety Certificates we stock a wide range of Century Car Batteries to cater to all makes and models of vehicles.

Century Batteries were originally founded in 1928 and are a market leader in affordable, quality batteries.

The company is constantly developing new and improved products and exploring new technologies with the growing markets especially in relation to solar and hybrid vehicles. 

If you are finding your vehicle becoming sluggish when starting or requiring several attempts to start the vehicle you may very well have a flat battery.

Flat batteries always happen at the worst possible time. Whether it is when you are already running late to work or driving to the airport to catch a plane, a flat battery can easily make a bad day turn into something worse.  

Batteries should always be checked when a workshop is completing a service and your mechanic may recommend to replace the battery to avoid being stranded. 

Just like all other products in the marketplace, not all battery brands are of equal quality. You may pay a little bit more for a battery but have a longer life span and reliability of the battery.

Tip: If a vehicle is frequently used then we recommend that the vehicle is started at a least once every 2 weeks to keep all the fluids running and lubricating all parts in the engine. One of the most important benefits of this is to keep the charge up on the battery.

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