Mobile motorcycle safety certificate inspections

Motor Cycle Safety Certificates


Ask any motorbike enthusiast and they will tell you that the freedom of riding a motorbike is sensational.

Whether it be a Sunday morning ride with friends or a ride by yourself to clear your head.

Nothing really compares.

However, the condition of the bike may determine your safe return from adventure.

A Safety Certificate will show that a motorbike has met the minimum safety standard.

Most importantly, a Pre-Purchase Inspection is recommend to be carried out.

The Category for motorbikes covers the following vehicles:

  • Bikes
  • Scooters
  • Mopeds
  • Tricycles


So what is actually inspected on the bike?

  • Identification            
  • Modifications
  • Seating                   
  • Lights & Electrical Components
  • Body & Chassis         
  • Steering & Suspension
  • Chain guard              
  • Wheels & Tyres
  • Brakes               
  • Engine & Drivelines
  • Exhaust Emissions
  • Road Test



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What happens if I have a defect and it doesn’t pass on the first inspection?

You have 14 days from the first inspection date to have the defects repaired.

Therefore, once the repairs are completed, give us a call.

We will come and complete the second inspection.

Most importantly, all repairs must be completed in accordance to the Code of Practice.

The Safety Certificate will then be issued.


Displaying your Safety Certificate

There is no need to display a Certificate if the Safety Certificate has been issued online.

However, you will need to display a label if a paper Safety Certificate has been issued.

Most importantly, the Blue Label card needs to be displayed in an obvious place on the bike such as the front forks or side guard.

Especially for instance: if you have “For Sale”, “Interested” or “Like this” on your vehicle.
Consequently, Queensland Transport or the Police may issue you a $560 on the spot fine.

What do I need to do if my motorcycle is unregistered?

You will be required to have the following ready if your motorbike is unregistered.

Firstly, take out a Compulsory Third Party Insurance policy on the vehicle

Secondly, have a signed copy of the Department of Transport’s New Registration Application Form.

New Registration Application forms can be downloaded from Queensland Transport’s website.

Download: Transfer of Vehicle Registration Application

Download: Vehicle Registration Application

New riders please read: The Good Gear Guide

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