Modification Plates

Looking to make a modification to your vehicle? 

Modification Plates

There are some aspects of your vehicle that you can change that makes your vehicle your own.

However, some of those changes you may not be aware require a modification plate.

Changes can range from removing seats, putting in a body lift kit or even changing the whole engine.

If you are modifying your vehicle to better suit your needs, best to check in first to make sure it is legal.

So, How Does It Work?

Firstly, you will need to work out what modification code is required for the change you are making to the vehicle.

Secondly, check the mod code checklist and guidelines on our FAQ – Modification Plates 

Lastly, book an appointment with one of our Approved Persons.

The Approved Person has to check that your vehicle meets the guidelines for modification.

This process ensures that modifications have been completed to an acceptable standard.

Therefore ensuring that the modified vehicle will continue to operate safely.

Next step is to have the vehicle certified. A blue plate is engraved with the modification information. 

Finally, the plate is riveted onto the body of the vehicle. Most commonly close to the compliance plate or in the engine bay.

A Modification Certificate is also issued and is recommended to keep with the vehicle at all times.

It is suggested to place the Certificate in your owners manual for safe keeping.

All vehicles modified in Queensland must be certified for the modifications by an Approved Person. 



You may not know...

Most importantly, when a vehicle is modified without a modification plate, it may not be covered by your insurance company.



Modification Codes for Light Vehicles

LA1   Equivalent Engine Installation

LA2   Performance Engine Installation

LA3   Supercharger/Turbocharger Installation

LA4   Engine Modification

LB1   Transmission Substitution

LG2   Brake System Conversion

LH2   Roof Conversion

LH4   Modified Wheelbase Conversion

LH6   Vehicle Construction

LH7   Body/Chassis Variants Conversion

LH11 Campervan/motorhome Conversion

LK1   Seat and Seatbelt Installation/Removal

LK6   Child Restraint Anchorage Installation

LK8   Construction and Installation of one-off rollbars and roll-cages by individuals

LK10 Installation of aftermarket rollbars, roll-cages and ROPS

LM1   Fuel Tank Alteration

LS2   LHD Vehicle Steering Conversion

LS4   Front Suspension and Steering Modification

LS6   Rear Suspension Modification

LT4   Noise Test

Q1 Installation of Truck Mounted Lifting System

R1 Goods loading device Installation

R2 Wheel Chair landing Installation

S1 GVM/GCM Rating

S10 Concessional Livestock Loading

S6 Omnibus Licensing Evaluation

S7 ATM Rating for Trailers

T1  Construction of Tow Truck

Mobile- Mod-Plate-Queensland

Modifcation Codes For Heavy Vehicles

A1    Engine Substitution

A2    Air Cleaner Substitution or Additional Fittings

A3    Turbocharger Installation

A4    Exhaust System Alteration

A5    Road Speed Limiter Installation

C1    Tail shaft Alterations

D1    Rear Axle Installation

D2    Differential Substitution

E1    Front Axle Installation

F1    Suspension Substitution

F2    Trailer Suspension Modification

G1    Air Brake System – Repositioning of Controls, Valves and pipework

G2    Fitting of Trailer Brake Connections and Controls on Prime Movers

G3    Trailer Brake System Upgrade

G5    Auxiliary Brake Installation

G6    Air Operated Accessories

G7    Brake System Substitution

H1    Wheelbase Extension Outside the 1st Manufacturers Option

H2    Wheelbase Reduction Less than 1st Manufactures Option

H3    Wheelbase Extension or Reduction within 1st Manufactures Option

H4    Chassis Frame Alteration (other than change in wheelbase)   

H5    Trailer Chassis Frame Modification

 J1     Mounting of Body- Vehicles greater than 4.5 tonnes GVM

K1     Seating Capacity Alteration and Seat Belt Alteration

K3    Cabin Conversion- Construction of Through Loader

K5    Wheelchair Restraint Installation

K6    Child Restraint Installation

M1    Fuel Tank Repositioning or Additional Fittings

P1     Tow Coupling Installation- Vehicle greater than 4.5 tonnes GVM

P2     Fifth Wheel and King Pin Installation

LC2   Dual-controls for driver trainer vehicles(modification)

LC4   Vehicle controls for persons with a disability

LS10 High Lift- 50mm to 125mm (modification)

For all information in relation to Modification Codes and the requirements to meet the standard for a Modification Plate to be issued click on the links below.

Further Modification code Information

For all information in relation to Modification Codes and the requirements to meet the standard for a Modification Plate to be issued click on the links below.

Light Vehicles:


Heavy Vehicles:



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