Car buyer and check list queensland

Car Buyers' and sellers' checklists


Buyer's Checklist

  • Is the current registration certificate is in the seller’s name? (although this is not proof of ownership)
  • Does the seller’s name on the transfer application form match the name on the current registration certificate?
  • The Queensland safety certificate or certificate of inspection is displayed on the vehicle. (Paper copy only)
  • If the vehicle runs on gas or is fitted with gas appliances, fittings or systems the vehicle may require a gas certificate. It is the responsibility of the seller to provide you with this. The certificate cannot not be more than 3 months old and must be from an authorised gas installer.
  • You (the buyer) must lodge Part A (Transfer Application) of the Transfer of Vehicle Registration Application form at customer service centre within 14 days of purchase.
  • You should use the search function on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) to make sure that the vehicle you are buying does not have a security interest over it. For example, if you buy a vehicle that still has money owing on it, the vehicle could be repossessed by the person who lent money against it. A PPSR search will also advise whether the vehicle has been reported as stolen or written-off.

    Note: If you buy a vehicle from a motor dealer, they must supply a vehicle search certificate from the PPSR.

Sellers' checklist

  • The current registration certificate is in your name (although this is not proof of ownership)
  • The Queensland Safety Certificate or Certificate of Inspection has not expired. Private Sale: 2 months or  2000km 
  • Valid Gas Certificate if required. A vehicle that has LPG or Gas appliances requires a gas certificate from an authorised gas certifier.
  • You keep Part B (Proof of Transfer/Notice of Disposal) of the Transfer of Vehicle Registration Application form
  • Check the vehicle has been transferred into the new owners name with Queensland Transport and Main Roads
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