Defect Notices

Have you been issued a Defect notice and require an inspection?

Defect Clearance

What happens if I am issued a Defect Notice for a car or motorbike?

You may be asked to take the vehicle immediately off the road, depending on how dangerous the defect is.

However, the defect issuer may allow you to drive the vehicle home.

This will be clearly stated on your defect notice.

Along side that information will be the date that the defects are required to be repaired by.

If you require more time you will need to apply for a time extension.

Alternatively you can de-register the vehicle before the required date. You will need to notify the defect issuer of this.

My truck has been issued a defect notice. What now?

You have been issued a defect notice for your truck. How do you now work out how to get it cleared?

All the information you need is on the notice itself.

The defect notice will contain information regarding the:

• vehicle’s identification
• driver and/or operator details
• day and time the notice was issued
• details of the AO who conducted the inspection
• type of inspection carried out
• faults identified
• type of inspection required to clear the defect notice • conditions regarding the on-going use of the vehicle.

The defect notice will also contain specific information, including how and where to get the defect cleared and contact details for information and assistance.

Once the repairs have been completed you can go through the appropriate process listed on your notice for clearance.

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Can M1 clear my defect notice?

Not all defect notices require you to take the vehicle back to Queensland Transport to be re-inspected.

On the back of the notice the issuer (TMR or Qld Police) will indicate the sign off required.

If your defect notice has a tick for an Approved Person from an AIS (Approved Inspection Station) then we can assist you.

To get you back on the road quicker we have a mobile service that can come to you.

The defect will be checked if it has been repaired correctly.

If the Approved Person is satisfied that the repair is sufficient the defect will be signed off.

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