Code Clearing

Engine code clearing

Engine Code Clearing

Warning lights on your dashboard is an indicator that something is not working.

Check engine lights and air bag lights are the 2 most common.

So what do they actually mean?

A check engine light can come on for a wide range of reasons.

It may be a faulty sensor or the engine may be failing.

The problem is not fixed by just putting a scan tool onto the vehicle’s computer and clearing the code.

A scan tool is used to identify which error code is logged into the car’s computer. 

This will show the technician which system is faulting. 

However, this is only an indicator of where to start the elimination process. 

The technician will then need to perform tests on each part of that faulting system to fix the problem.

Once the problem has been rectified then the codes are cleared.

The car is road tested to see if any other lights signal a secondary problem.

Why is an airbag light on your dash dangerous?

When your airbag light is on your car dashboard you air bags will not deploy in an accident.

It may like a harmless light but it could prove to be potentially fatal in the event of accident.

Air bag warning lights may come on because a sensor has failed. 

However there are other possible issues that require testing.

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