FAQ - Inspections

Certificate of Inspections - Booked hire

When you register your vehicle for booked hire to transport paying passengers you need a COI annually.

However, a Safety Certificate is used for vehicles that are registered for private use when transferring and new registrations.

Not all Approved Inspection Stations will be able to inspect your vehicle.

Most importantly, specialised brake testers are required and the AIS must issue the Certificate of Inspection online.

Any vehicle that is registered for booked hire.

For instance, you may be a driver for Uber, Taxi or a limousine company.

Each year you need to have a valid CL COI to allow you to renew your registration.

Queensland Transport and Main Roads will send a reminder each year on when the COI is due.

To check this at any time you can visit here.

A Certificate of Inspection take approx. 45 mins to complete.

The CL COI inspection is to check that the vehicle meets the minimum standard of being roadworthy.

Therefore you and your paying passengers are travelling safely.

The following categories are checked for example:

    • Identification
    • Modifications
    • Seats & Restraints
    • Lights & Electrical Components
    • Windscreen & Windows
    • Body & Chassis
    • Steering & Suspension
    • Wheels & Tyres
    • Brake Components
    • Engines & Drivelines
    • Exhaust Emissions
    • Road Test
    • Service Brake Test
    • Hand Brake Test
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