FAQ - Inspections

Certificate of Inspections

The difference is simply that they are for 2 seperate categories of vehicles.

Safety Certificates are for light vehicles and trailers.

Certificate of Inspections are for heavy vehicles and trailers.

Your examiner will need to be approved by Queensland Transport and Main Roads for heavy vehicles.

They must hold a HR license and have the appropriate experience to inspect trucks and heavy trailers.

Any vehicle that has a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) over 4.5t is classified as a heavy vehicle.

Heavy trailer are trailers with an Aggregated Trailer Mass (ATM) over 3.5t.

Your GVM will determine this.

If your truck is over 16t and currently registered in Queensland then yes you will need to take it into Queensland Transport.

However, if the same truck is unregistered or registered in another state then an Approved Inspection Station can issue the COI.

You may also require a HVRAS for the unregistered vehicle depending on how long it has been unregistered.

A Certificate of Inspection take approx. 45 mins to complete.

The following categories are checked for example:

    • Identification
    • Modifications
    • Seats & Restraints
    • Lights & Electrical Components
    • Windscreen & Windows
    • Body & Chassis
    • Steering & Suspension
    • Wheels & Tyres
    • Brake Components
    • Engines & Drivelines
    • Exhaust Emissions
    • Road Test
    • Service Brake Test
    • Hand Brake Test

You have 14 days from the inspection date to complete any repairs.

Mobile re-inspection fees do apply to cover travel costs.


Our mobile team come to you on site. This can be at your depot, business or even on a work site. 

We understand that your time off the road is costing you money.

So we make it our priority to assist you to get back on the road doing what you do best faster!

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