FAQ - Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Your car can pass a Safety Certificate Inspection and still have servicing issues.

A great example of this is when there is an oil leak that is not dripping onto the road surface or the exhaust.

For a Safety Certificate, this would pass.

However, a Pre-Purchase Inspection will not only tell you that the oil leak is there but also where it is coming from.

Some oil leak repairs can be dramatically more expensive than others.

The fully qualified mechanic will give you both a verbal and written report on the condition of the vehicle.

This allows you to ask further questions and discuss the findings.

The mechanic will check over the vehicle completely and with a checklist make notes on each section of the vehicle.

A road test is carried out as well.

Not to worry, the mechanic can give you a call and give you the report over the phone.

A written report is sent through via email for your records.



You can use this information to negotiate with the seller.

Not only the sale price to compensate for required repairs but also if they will have the repairs completed before the sale.

Each inspection may vary but typically we say to allow approx. 1 hour.


100% yes.

Our team are qualified in issuing Safety Certificates and Certificate of Inspections on cars. bikes, trucks and trailers. 

Therefore we can provide Pre-purchase inspections for the same vehicles.

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