3D Wheel alignment

How to keep your tyres roadworthy longer

One of the most common failures for a Safety Certificate is Tyres.

We all know how important they are but we forget to maintain them until it is too late.

Tyres wear differently depending on conditions.

For example, if the wheels are not aligned properly you will have the tyre scrubbing out on one side.

This uneven wear reduces the life of the tyre because the edge that is worn below the legal limit now makes that tyre un-roadworthy. Even though there is plenty of tread across the rest of the tyre.

Tyre pressure
  • Make sure that you regularly check the air in your tyres.


  • A good habit is to check every time you fuel up your vehicle)


  • Always get a wheel alignment when you put new tyres on the vehicle.


  • If your steering wheel pulls to one side, have a wheel alignment done as quickly as you can.


  • Have your tyres rotated when your vehicle is being serviced to prolong the life of the tyres.
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