How to Prepare your vehicle for sale

Put yourself in the buyers shoes when selling your vehicle.

Although, things that are important to you when you are looking at buying a vehicle will most likely be similar to other buyers in the market.

First impressions count,  therefore the first encounter your potential buyer is going to have with you and the vehicle is visual.

Present yourself to the buyer in a friendly, approachable manner. There is no need to become a used car sales person. However, certainly take a moment to make them feel welcome.


Top 10 Tips for Cleaning your vehicle


  1. Remove Dust and Dirt from all the hard to reach places.
  2. Vacuum not only the floors mat but also underneath them.
  3. Clean inside the boot of the car
  4. Wipe inside and outside windows using Newspapers and windex.
  5. Freshen up the leather seats. For example: cleaning agents or a damp cloth. Always test first on a non visible small patch before use.
  6. Anywhere your hands regularly touch for instance door handles, gear knobs and steering wheels.
  7. Remove all items from the vehicle excluding owners manuals, logbooks and receipts related to vehicle maintenance.
  8. Clear out coins or items that can rattle throughout the test drive.
  9. Wipe down the dash and stereo with a damp cloth.
  10. Add tyre shine.


On the other hand having the vehicle professionally detailed can take the hassle out of it for you. Typically, they can range from a couple of hundred dollars depending on the type of vehicle and the services that you require.

Log book service

Service and Maintenance

Having your logbook and service records available to the potential buyer will put one of the worst fears to rest. They are concerned that they are buying problems rather than a vehicle that they can enjoy. By showing them the service regularity and any major/minor repairs that have been completed over the life of the vehicle shows that you have looked after the vehicle.

Most buyers will research the type of vehicle that they are looking at purchasing. It is expected that they have Googled what the common problems with the vehicle are on forums and asked other vehicle owners that have had the same make and model.

Showing the potential buyer that this problem has been fixed definitely puts you in the front of the competition. 

One of the most common service items that will be asked about is the timing belt replacement. Has it been done? If not, when is it due?

Another common item are the tyres. Are they low, mid-range or high quality tyre. When were they last changed?

Always be honest.


Legal Paperwork

When selling a vehicle that is registered in Queensland you will require a valid Safety Certificate to be able to advertise the vehicle for sale. A Queensland Transport and Main Roads Accredited Examiner at an Approved Inspection Station can complete the inspection. 

The inspection is to check that the vehicle meets the minimum safety standard by the Queensland Transport and Main Roads Code of Practice. 

Regular servicing and maintenance on your vehicle will increase your success rate of passing the first inspection. If there are repairs required, the Transport Department allows 14 days to have them completed. A second inspection will then take place to complete the Safety Certificate.

You cannot advertise your Queensland registered vehicle for sale without a valid Safety Certificate. Fines do apply. 

Selling your vehicle before having this inspection completed is risky. There may be items on the vehicle that make it un-roadworthy. If you have already agreed on a price with a buyer this will then be an expense that you will have to absorb.

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