(ICO) Inspection Certificates Online

Queensland Transport and Main Roads are in the process of releasing a new online system mid 2016 that is going to take Queensland motorist’s steps ahead when transferring and newly registering vehicles.

Currently in the testing stages, Queensland Transport will be releasing the new system to the general public that is going to allow motorists to apply for registrations and transfers of registrations online.

At the moment all documentation is to be presented in person to a Queensland Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centre.

How does the new system work?

The current system requires for the original Safety Certificate (Blue Copy with the original ink) to be presented in person to Queensland Transport with the signed application/transfer forms.

The new system will have the Safety Certificates electronically and automatically sent to Queensland Transport. This system allows a copy to be emailed to the customer as well. This saves time, money and is kinder to the environment by making the process as paperless as possible.

One the main advantages are eliminating the risk of losing the original copy. Currently, if you lose the original blue copy of the Safety Certificate, even if you have the yellow and green copy, you need to have another inspection conducted from the start again.

There is only one copy that is filed with Queensland Transport.

The other advantage is not waiting at Queensland Transport especially at the just after school run rush. Some Transport Department customer service centres can have a wait of over 30 minutes at peak times.

Helensvale Transport Department indicated that they would serve on an average day approx. 600 to 800 members of the public per day. This is a lot of resources and time by all persons involved.

This new system will assist members of the public that have the unfortunate experience of a buyer that does not transfer the vehicle from the seller’s name to the new owner’s details.

If you do not keep a copy of the Safety Certificate in the current system then you will need to contact the Approved Inspection Station that issued the Safety Certificate for a copy. The copy that is left in their books is the fourth duplicate and can be at times hard to read/photocopy. There are times where a photo of the Safety Certificate is the only option that then needs to be taken again into the Queensland Transport and Main Roads to be moved to the current owners name.

In the new system, the Transport Department will be able to access the Safety Certificate easily and it saves all parties involved running around and calling various companies to locate the copy.

M1 Safety Certificates will be offering this service to all customers for both Safety Certificates and Certificate of Inspections for Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

The team at M1 Safety Certificates are excited about the new system and the increased convenience that it will provide their customers.

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