Car audio roadworthy rules

Installing Sound Systems and Speakers Legally

Every motoring enthusiast enjoys getting in their vehicle, taking a long drive and turning up the stereo to enjoy the latest tunes or a classic favourite.

It brings out the karaoke singer in all of us.

Before upgrading your sound system there are some things that you need to be aware of.

Speakers that are mounted on the back parcel shelf that obstruct the drivers view out of the rear window can make the vehicle un-roadworthy.


Car speakers in parcel shelf

Driver vision

If they are installed in this location and are blocking the view of the driver then it may not pass a Safety Certificate Inspection.

Any door side mounted speakers that are excessively tall which can interfere with the drivers legroom are also un-roadworthy.

Boot subwoofer

Mounting of hardware

When putting any additional subwoofers and amplifiers in the boot of the vehicle be certain that every piece is well secured  in the vehicle. You  should not have anything that is free standing without mounts in the boot of the vehicle that is a permanent part of the vehicle.


Neat & tidy wiring

The wiring for the speakers must be neatly hidden behind that dash panels and there are no loose wiring in the engine bay. Any wires handing down in the seating area is a potential risk and will not pass a Safety Certificate Inspection.

Always keeping in mind that excessively loud music from your vehicle is an offence. Although there is no decibel reading or measurement to determine if it is too loud, the police have it at their discretion as to whether they issue you a fine or not.

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