Merc baby seat concept

Mercedes Benz concept baby seat

Mercedes Benz Research and Development teams are working on a concept model of a safer baby seat. 

This concept seat is similar to the Collision Prevention Assist used in current models.  

The CPA system will sense if the vehicle is likely to have an accident. 

To avoid the accident and minimise impact the vehicle will automatically:

  1. Apply braking systems
  2. Adjust seatbelts 
  3. Adjust Seat  


In conclusion, it is apparent that developing and applying the latest technology in car safety is nothing new for Mercedes Benz. 

Deployed Safety Features

Infants and young children are the most vulnerable occupants and the child seat concept is designed for maximum protection.

The clever child seat concept has the following features that deploy seconds before impact:

  • Tightly pull the five-point seat belts into the optimal position  
  • An arm is then deployed from the side of the seat against the inside of the vehicle to brace the seat for impact.
  • Velocity reduction through minimising load transferred to the occupant

Child Monitoring Devices

The impact of an accident is not the only time that a child may be in danger when travelling in a vehicle.

A child may be in distress due to discomfort caused from heat, cold or choking.

Therefore additional safety features of the child seat concept are:

  • Live video that can be viewed through the car’s MBUX infotainment system.  
  • Monitoring of the child’s vital signs (body temperature, pulse, breathing patterns, wakefulness) 

How to Install Child Seats

Alarming statistics show that 50% of child car seats are incorrectly fitted.

Therefore Mercedes Benz Concept Baby Seat System includes a step-by step instruction video for installing the seat. Currently the seat is designed to only fit Mercedes Benz vehicles.

Whether the Car seat is going to be released to the market is yet to be determined.

Although price point is yet to be established, the baby seat certainly would bring peace of mind to many parents.


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