Hoon laws

New Anti Hoon Laws in Queensland

Australia’s toughest anti-hooning laws have now been passed in Queensland.

We thought we would give you a quick break down of how the new law will work.

How to lose your car.

Hoon laws have been enforced across the state for years but recently there has been a step up again in the zero tolerance for


  • First offence  – 90 days
  • Second offence – Lose your car
Burn out laws

Not your car, doesn’t matter. The offending vehicle, regardless of owner is taken by police permanently.

Type 1

Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle

Careless driving

Organising or promoting or taking part in racing

Starting or driving a motor vehicle that makes unnecessary noise or smoke

Evading police

First offence – 90 Days

Second offence – Lose your car

Type 2

Driving a vehicle while it is uninsured and unregistered

Unlicensed driving

High range drink driving .15 or over

Exceeding the speed limit by more than 40kms per hour

Driving an illegally modified (unroadworthy) vehicle not complied

Failure to supply specimen of breath or blood

Driving while under 24 hour suspension

First offence – No impoundment

Second offence – 7 days

Third offence – 90 days

Fourth offence – Lose your car

Read more on hoon legislation and what it allows police officers to do?


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