Road Force® wheel balancing

Roadforce wheel balancing

Benefits of proper balanced wheels & tyres

Steering wheel vibration

Reduced driver fatigue


Reduction in premature wear

Increased tyre life

Fuel economy

Increased fuel economy

Wheel Balancing - Gold Coast

Do your tyres vibrate?

Typically, out of balance tyres will vibrate the most between 90 and 110kms. You will find the problem cannot be fixed with a standard wheel balancer.

The tyre vibration may only be resolved with a Road Force Balance

Our workshop located on Ereton Drive Arundel is where you can have your wheels and tyres Road Force Balanced.

Why are balanced wheels so important?

However, when your wheels & tyres are out of balance the effects may be felt through the entire vehicle. 

Vibration is one of the most common side effects of an unbalanced tyre.

Some styles of tyres don’t respond well to traditional balancers and therefore require more in depth look into the balance of the tyre.

Consequently, without the appropriate equipment for the job, the vibration is impossible to resolve.

For peace and quiet and perhaps your sanity, come and see us for wheel balancing on the Gold Coast.

Having the right balancing equipment

This is where the latest technology of our Hunter Road Force® Balancer will identify the imbalance and rectify it. 

The Road Force® Balancer applies force to the tyre and this simulates the tyre being under the weight of your vehicle.

As a result, this equipment can solve the unsolvable. 

Many of our customers that have had the service completed with our latest Hunter Road Force® Balancer tell us that they feel like they are driving a completely different vehicle.

In short, if you are having ongoing vibration problems, don’t put up with it. 

Roadforce balancing

Road Force® advantage

The Hunter Road Force® Elite Wheel Balancer is the worlds most accurate diagnostic wheel balancer. 

The Road Force® Elite Wheel Balancer is able to solve wheel vibration problems that normal wheel balancers cannot. 

The Road Force Elite wheel balancer can detect:

  • Non-balance
  • Radial force related problems
  • Tyre uniformity
  • Rim and tyre run-out
  • Wheel to balancer errors
  • Improper bead sear of tire to rim

Our M1 Tyre shop has latest technology tyre fitting equipment


TCX53 Tyre changer

Hi torque heavy duty table top tyre changer.

S34 Leverless Tyre Changer

We can fit up to a massive 34 inch rim in our leverless tyre changer.

Roadforce balancing

Road Force® wheel balancer

Worlds most accurate diagnostic wheel balancing. 

HawkEye Elite® wheel aligner

HawkEye Elite® is the most powerful wheel alignment equipment on the market. 

what Our clients say

Andrew Becquet
Andrew Becquet
Facebook Review
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As a used car dealership owner we use wheel and tire shops all the time and today we tried these guys for the first time. A problematic car we have in stock has been to numerous other workshops and the results were below average. The car left M1 wheel and tire service absolutely spot on, we couldn't be happier with the service. Clearly M1 have the best equipment on the market and the skills to put them to use. Can't wait to bring our race car here to see what results we can get. Best tire shop on the Gold Coast hands down
Regan Hams
Regan Hams @username
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Fantastic service from quote to finish. Andrea in the office was super helpful and Tim out in the workshop explained everything to me in depth. Highly recommend, car is back to driving how it should!!
Jason P
Jason P
Google Review
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Highly recommended for all wheel and tyre related services . I would like to thank all staff at M1 for their assistance with my issues. After Bob Jane T Marts failed to correctly install my aftermarket wheels, I noticed vibrations at highway speeds in my Volkswagen . Brought my car to M1 where they performed a RoadForce test and also correctly identified that I needed custom hub centric rings on my wheels. Now my car drives perfectly and smooth as, all thanks to M1 and their expertise.
Zeph G
Zeph G
Google Review
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"The most professional mechanics I’ve dealt with - hands down."
Geoff Shannon
Geoff Shannon
Google Review
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Awesome team, seriously professional. Finally my X5 drives like it should. Not sure what they did to make it drive so much better, but hats off to the team at M1 Tyres & Service, you’ve got all my work!
Dale Armstrong
Dale Armstrong
Google Review
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After my car was involved in an accident and repaired it never drove the same. After 2 front end alignments it destroyed both front tyres. The guys at M1 fitted new tyres and aligned the front end with the latest 3d laser equipment. After driving the car home from their workshop i could not believe the difference it was like it had just come out of the showroom again. I would recommend these guys to anyone for tyres and alignments. Thanks again guys, awesome work. Look forward to future dealings.
Robert Bowers
Robert Bowers
Google Review
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Exceeded expectations. Personalised service. Best machinery. Professional work as these guys have passion for what they do.
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