Steering Wheel
Grip Repair

Loose steering wheel grip repairs

Steering Wheel Grip Repair

Over time steering grips may twist on the steering wheel. This is caused by heat exposure and general day to day use. 

The glue that holds the grip to the metal frame looses its grip causing the grip to twist.

However, you may not be aware but a replacement is not always necessary.

Steering wheel grip repairs is an injection of a special adhesive that firmly holds the grip in place.

Once the injection has been carried out the vehicle will need to sit for a short period of time. 

Gripping the wheel before the adhesive is set will result in the adhesive sticking to your hands.

Most importantly, this is not a repair that you should attempt yourself. 

Especially if you attempt it with products such as superglue. 

This may cause the steering wheel to become irreparable and in need of full replacement.

Save yourself time and money today and ask us for a quote to repair your steering wheel grip today.

Steering Wheel Grip Repairs

You Might Not Know...

If a vehicle has a steering wheel grip that is twisting on the frame it will actually fail a Safety Certificate Inspection.

This will interfere with the driver being able to steer the vehicle and therefore becomes a safety issue.

Other reasons for rejection are:

  • Replacement steering wheel has a diameter exceeds 330mm
  • Design of the replacement steering wheel is not in a similar design to the manufacturers original
  • Replacement steering wheel is not ADR complied.
  • Steering wheel is less than 30 years old and is located on the left side of the vehicle


Note: This list does not include all reasons for rejection. For all guidelines for the Code of Practice visit: Vehicle standards Guidelines 



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