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1 Jun 2013 | by Lisa Cockerill

Test driving your vehicle

One of the questions that we are asked far to often is do you really need to test drive my vehicle?
The answer is YES. 

A road test is normal part of any Safety Certificate Inspection and is to be conducted unless a defect has been detected during the initial visual checks, which, in the opinion of the examiner, would make the vehicle unsafe to operate on the road.

Items that must be validated during the road test are:    
    Test driving your vehicle for a safety certificate

• foot brake operation

• park brake

• steering

• clutch

• suspension

• gear change mechanism

• accelerator control

• drive line condition

• windscreen wiper/washers

• driving position/visibility

• exhaust system

• speedometer and odometer operation

• engine does not stall at idle
What happens if my car is unregistered, can you still test drive it?
Yes, we are still required to test drive your unregistered vehicle as a part of any Roadworthy Certificate Inspection.
For this to be done you the owner must have a completed a Department of Transport's application form to register the vehicle. This can be downloaded from the Queensland Transport Department's website or from one of their locations around the state of Queensland. We also carry these forms at our A.I.S stations.
Then the vehicle is also required to be insured under the Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994.
A current insurance certificate (or cover note) must have been issued for the vehicle.
Both of these documents are to be present in the vehicle while the test drive is taken place.


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