New Rules for Motorcycles

Motorbikes – Changes to the Queensland Road Rules

Driving down the M1 Motorway you will notice large billboards showing that there are changes that have been put in place in relation to the road rules for motorbikes.

Further investigation at the Department of Transport and Main Roads customer service centre show advertising for these changes and you don’t need to have a motorbike license to be aware of these changes as they are travelling on the same roads as all other vehicles as well.

The changes are only applicable to full license motorbike riders. Learner and Provisional permit holders are exempted from the changes in the road rules.

One of these changes is what they are referring to as Lane Filtering.

This is when you see a motorbike ride between cars that are slowing down or that are stationery – usually at traffic lights to go ahead of the slow traffic.

Rules for Lane Filtering:


  • The rider must not exceed 30km/h
  • The rider must only Lane Filter when it is safe to do so
  •  Is NOT in a school zone during school hours
  • Is NOT a learner or provisional license holder

Peak hour traffic on the M1 motorway is going to become a breeze for motorbike riders, as now they will be able to legally ride their motorbike on the road shoulders on both the left and right shoulder edges. This includes emergency stopping lanes.

Road shoulders are the sealed edges on both sides of freeways, motorways and highways.

There are conditions and specified circumstances that the motorbike rider is required to comply with to abide by the law.


  •  The speed limit is 90km/h or more
  •  The rider is travelling at 30km/h or less
  •  The rider must give way to cyclists and other motorbike riders  already using the shoulder.

All vehicles on the road need to keep this in mind when they are in traffic on the highways as they may be using an exit ramp to take particular care for motorbike riders coming up on your left hand side.

To all motorbike riders, take particular care to read through the rules and make sure that you are using these changes in the appropriate situation, as there are penalties that will apply.

Example:Lane Filtering: A fine and 3 demerit points

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