General Servicing

Vehicle servicing for all makes & Models

General Servicing

Regular servicing of your car will keep it in tip top shape.

Engine oil and oil filter changes most commonly occur every 6 months or 10,000kms.

European vehicles can vary the regularity of servicing up to 12 months.

However, having a mechanic check over your vehicle every 6 months is advisable.

So, what advantage is it to complete general servicing?

General Servicing is not just changing the oil and filter.

An M1 car service also includes:

  • Full Safety Check
  • Tyre Pressure check
  • Top up of all fluids
  • Tyre rotation (if required)


What is included in the Safety Check?

There are many moving parts on your car and over time they can wear down or break.

Therefore, our experienced mechanics will look over the following on your car:


A road test is completed by the mechanic to listen for any noises indicating an issue.

This check can also bring to your attention any future work that may be required. 

It allows you to put some money aside for your next service for repairs.

Why are wheel alignment checks important?

It is highly recommended to have your wheel alignment checked when your car is being serviced.

A pot hole or even just a clip of a gutter can have a major effect on your wheel alignment.

Wearing the outside and inside edges on your tyre is due to a wheel alignment being out.

Ask about our quick check with your next service.