Steering repairs

Steering system repairs

Steering repairs

Steering Repairs

Your steering is one of those functions of your vehicle that you may take for granted.

It isn’t until you find the steering wheel hard to turn or there is a clunking noise when you turn corners that a problem is realised.

Steering components are checked as apart a Safety Check with each General or Logbook Service.

Steering racks, rack ends and CV joints are the main components tested for functionality.

A visual inspection as well as a road test is performed.


Power Steering

There are many drivers out there that have built the muscles that can only be formed by driving a vehicle without power steering.

You can’t appreciate power steering until you have done a 3 point turn in a vehicle without power steering!

However, like any other component on a car power steering components can fail. 

If your vehicle loses power steering it is recommended to have it repaired as quickly as possible.

Although it is not unsafe to drive, as long as you compensate for the power steering failure.

Over time the pump can run dry and may overheat causing irreparable damage.

Brake repairs
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