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Logbook service with manufacturer warranty protected

Logbook Servicing

Benefits to using us for your logbook servicing

New Car Warranty Protected

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Log Book Servicing

Our fully qualified mechanics take time and care with your vehicle for all your Logbook servicing needs.

Above all, our aim is for you to know who your mechanic is and develop a trusted relationship with the person who is looking after your vehicle.

  • Safety check
  • Tyre rotation
  • Notes of any future maintenance required at your next service (For example: brake pads, tyres


Whilst following the manufacturers instructions on the required items for each service, we offer a competitive rate using quality products and parts.

Whether it be major or minor servicing, we have all your bases covered. 

Most importantly, immediate issues that require work will only be carried out with your consent.

However, European, Commercial or Diesel vehicles may require additional costs and full synthetic oils incur a surcharge.

We will advise you if this is the case.

What you receive in a logbook service

European car servicing

European Vehicles

We have European vehicle Master technicians on staff for all your Audi, BMW, Mercedes Volkswagen etc needs

Asian Vehicles

Asian Vehicles

Toyota, Mazda, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan etc. We service them all

American vehicle servicing

American Vehicles

American vehicles such as Jeep, GM, Dodge,Tesla

Brand new vehicles will have a logbook with the owners manual. The logbook has a list of the services required for each service interval.

Furthermore, the trigger for these services is by the kms on the vehicle or the time passed whichever one comes first.

All M1 Safety Certificates and Mechanical mechanics are fully qualified. As a result, they can stamp your logbook to keep your manufacturers warranty valid.

Absolutely! Your potential buyers will most likely ask to see your logbook. Most importantly, they see a reputable company has serviced your vehicle it will show your vehicle has been cared for.

Unfortunately this can happen. However, you can order a new logbook from the dealership.

On the other hand, to show the service history is to put your printed service invoices in the logbook.

Subsequently, this will show the date/kms that each service was conducted.

A Manufacturer’s warranty is the warranty for a brand new car for a set amount of time and/or kms. Each manufacturer will have different terms and conditions on what is covered.

Most Importantly, to keep that warranty valid the vehicle must be serviced to the logbook schedule.

The requirements from the manufacturer is to have a qualified mechanic complete the service. 

Therefore, any fully qualified mechanic regardless of whether it is at a dealership or independent workshop can sign off your logbook services. 

When an independent workshop signs your logbook with their mechanic and stamps it you know that your new car warranty is protected.

However, you should ask the Service Advisor before booking in your vehicle for a service if the vehicle will be serviced by a qualified mechanic.

You will need to take the vehicle into the dealership to process any warranty claims.

This does not mean that you are obligated to have any additional work that is not covered by warranty carried out by the dealer.

Log book service

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