Tyre Fitting

 We can fit tyres up to a massive 34INCH rim

Tyre Fitting

Tyre Fitting

Scratched rims are the most common issue when changing tyres.

Tyre fitters typically use a crowbar like tool called a lever to leverage the tyre onto the rim.

The machine rotates the tyre and the tyre gradually slides onto the rim.

The biggest risk here is if the lever slips it may scrape a significant scratch into the front of the rim.

However, tyre fitting technology has forged forward in leaps and bounds. 

Our workshop is fitted with the latest equipment that includes a Hunter Leverless Tyre Changer.

This eliminates the risk of slipping due to the tools being made of plastic and semi-automated.

The equipment allows us to safely change and fit tyres on rims up to 34inch.



What are the advantages of using Nitrogen?

You will find that a majority of cars on the road will have air inflated tyres.

So why do some people have the nitrogen filled and what is the advantage?

Air vs nitrogen

Comparing the two, it has been found that the general life of the tyre lasts longer with nitrogen.

For example:

  • Nitrogen filled tyres run at a cooler temperature 
  • Improves the quality of the ride
  • Takes longer to deflate
  • Keeps an even level of inflation longer


Most importantly, if you have nitrogen filled tyres you cannot top up the tyres at the service station with air. You will need to return to our workshop to have the levels topped up.

Your tyre pressure levels as checked with every general or logbook service.



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