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Air conditioning

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Queensland Summers are unforgiving when it comes to heat.

With 80 per cent humidity, rolling down the window just won’t cut it. 

Because it doesn’t take long for a car to become unbearable hot from being parked in direct sun.

Have you found your that car air conditioner just doesn’t seem to be as cold as it used to be?

It may be simply running low on gas. 

Majority of gases that are used for car air conditioning are made up of hydroflurocarbons (HFC’s).

Most importantly, a licensed repairer must be used when re-gassing your air con. 

Rather than drive in discomfort, have your car air conditioner re-gassed at our Arundel workshop.

Air conditioning system Repairs

Now you may be finding the air conditioning in your car is just simply not working.

No air is being pushed through the fans or only hot air.

There are other parts of your air conditioning system that may need replacing.

Hoses and condensers are some of the most common that can cause leaks.

Therefore,  this leads to your air conditioning gas to escape, leaving you without cold air.

However, tests can be carried out to check exactly what is causing the air conditioning issue.

Once the issue is identified a quote is provided.

Most importantly, repairs are only carried out with your prior consent.