fault diagnostics

 Mechanical & Electrical diagnosis 

Fault diagnostics

Mechanical diagnostics

Have you ever experienced the frustration of your car making a noise or playing up every now and then?

But when you take into the mechanic your car performs perfectly well.

Don’t worry, we know you are not imagining it! 

So where do we go from here?

Not only does the car need to present the fault to allow diagnosis but then the problem needs to be solved.

When you bring your vehicle into M1’s workshop you will be asked to describe as much detail as you can.

You may find a lot of questions being asked like:

Does this happen only when you are braking?

Has the vehicle been doing this for a while?

How often does it happen?

Is it only in the mornings on a cold start?

You know your car and we value your input. 

In fact we may ask for you to accompany a technician on a road test to show us exactly what you are experiencing.


Electrical diagnostics

More advanced technology is being introduced into cars each year.

Once upon a time having a computer inside your car running its functions was unheard of.

Nowadays this is the standard.

Mechanics have moved along with the times and are trained to diagnose electrical faults as well as mechanical.

Electrical can cover a wide range of sections of the vehicle.

Whether is be your lights are not working or your ECU has failed. 

Our team of experienced and qualified mechanics can solve your electrical problems.

Trailer wiring is also available.