From standard repairs to complete upgrades

Suspension Upgrades

As many are aware there are laws and guidelines to what is legal when it comes to Suspension Lift Kits.

However, our trained staff are familiar with the legal requirements and can issue Modification Plates for Suspension Lift Kits.

For example:

LS4 – Front suspension and steering conversion 

LS10 – High lift – 50mm-125mm (Modification)

We offer cheap & affordable tyre solutions right though to high end premium brands. We have you covered for what ever you budget.

Some of the regular brands we deals with

  • King Springs
  • Ironman
  • ARB
  • Bilstein
  • Oldman Emu
  • Fulcrum
  • Pedders


 Common Lift kits that we supply & fit 

Fitting Air Bag Suspension

Are you carrying heavy loads in your vehicle? 

Air bag suspension may be the answer for you. Our experienced team have fitted air bag suspension kits to all makes and models.

We are located across the road from Boss Air Suspension, Ereton Drive Arundel Gold Coast for your convenience.

Suspension Maintenance & Repair

Checking your suspension is one of the aspects of the safety check whenever you have your vehicle in the workshop for a general or logbook service.

Our fully qualified mechanics will be looking for areas of wear in the suspension that will affect the drive, steer and brake of the vehicle.

Issues with your suspension can cause your tyres to wear prematurely. Therefore, it is recommended to address any suspension problems as quickly as possible.

Suspension components especially those that are made of rubber deteriorate over time. 

When you are hearing noises from the front or rear of your vehicle there may be an issue with your suspension. 

Did You know?

Problems with your suspension can lead to compromising your stopping distances, steering capabilities and stability of your vehicle.