Windscreen Chip

Windscreen chip and small crack repairs, 

Windscreen Chip Repairs

Windscreen Chip Repairs

Nothing ruins a Sunday drive more than that distinct noise of a stone hitting your windscreen.

You find yourself frantically inspecting the windscreen to assess the damage.

However, you may be fortunate to find only a chip in the windscreen.

If this is the case you may be able to have the windscreen chip repair completed instead of replacing the whole windscreen.

Did you know that some windscreen chips can make your car unroadworthy?

Depending on where the chip is located and its size, it may not pass a Safety Certificate Inspection.

For example:

The area of windscreen swept by the wipers to the right of the centre of the vehicle has a bull’s-eye or star fracture more than 16mm. 

Get your chip repaired today. We can come to you!

How can I tell if the chip can be repaired?

You can carry out a test yourself to see if the chip can be repaired.

Place a $1 coin over the chip. 

Does the coin cover the whole chip?

If yes, give us a call on 07 5500 5603 to organise your chip repair. Our mobile service comes to you.

If no, unfortunately you will need to have the whole windscreen replaced.

How is a chip repaired?

The process for repairing a windscreen chip is quite straight forward.

Our technician has over 30 years experience in windscreen repairs and replacement. 

He will clean the chip area of dust and dirt before applying resin into the chip.

Using a special tool he then creates a vacuum that ensures that the affected area restores it original strength. 

Top 3 Tips

  1. Windscreen chips can become unrepairable cracks easily. Change in outside temp and inside the vehicle temps can encourage cracks to appear
  2. Cover the chip so dust and dirt do not get ingrained in the chip. This will give you a better result when the repair is completed.
  3. More than 3 chips in a windscreen will require a replacement windscreen.