Automatic Transmissions

Automatic transmission service Gold Coast

Automatic Transmissions

If you are having issues with your automatic transmission come and see us in our Gold Coast workshop in Arundel.

Those issues could range from gears being delayed in transitioning, making horrible noises through to not selecting a gear.

At times you may feel that your transmission doesn’t just feel like it normally does.

Therefore, if you are concerned, come in and speak to one of our fully qualified mechanics.

You may be saving yourself money in the long run if an issue is identified early.

It could possible be a simple fix such a gearbox service. Although further issues may need to have the gearbox removed, parts replaced or even a rebuild/replacement.

Regular servicing of your vehicle can help with preventative maintenance. As a part of our general and logbook services, a mechanic will complete a road test.

One of the tests the mechanic will be carrying out is assessing the performance of the automatic transmission.

Are the gears changing smoothly?

Are there any delays in the changes from one gear to the next both in accelerating and decelerating?

Automatic transmissions have grown more and more in popularity.

It used to be viewed as the luxury or lazy way of driving compared to manual driven vehicles.

However, anyone that has had to drive a manual car in city traffic at peak hour will attest, automatic transmissions are preferred for good reason.

Your automatic transmission does a lot of hard work for you especially when towing. 

Most importantly, keeping on top of service scheduling and maintenance is key to extending its life.