Clutch Repairs

Clutch and flywheel replacement & Repairs

Clutch Repairs


Your clutch over time wears out. It is a heavy workload that your clutch is performing under and at one stage or another there will need a replacement.

However, some clutches can wear out at a faster rate depending on driving style.

If you have someone riding the clutch the life of the clutch is significantly shortened.

So how can you tell if you are riding the clutch?

One of the most obvious tell tale signs is a burning smell from the clutch being ridden.

How can you tell if the clutch needs replacing?

When you are changing gears in your car you will notice the point where you are releasing the clutch and it engages.

If you find the clutch pedal is higher than usual before the engagement you may need a new clutch.

It is always best to bring your car into the workshop and have one our qualified mechanics take your vehicle on a road test.

They will be able to advise you if a replacement is required.

Your clutch is not the only part that requires attention when placing the clutch.

The flywheel may not need to be replaced. Machining can be carried out on most flywheels. 

Therefore, the mechanic will need to assess the flywheel at the time of clutch replacement to advise the best course of action.

Your clutch will be checked during the road test for a general service your clutch will be checked.