Exhaust System

Exhaust system repairs 


Manifolds & Gaskets

The purpose of your exhaust manifold is to take the gases from the vehicle and expel them from the vehicle.

Your car will give clear indicators that there is an issue with the manifold.

Things such as loud noises coming from the engine. It may be more noticeable first thing in the morning on a cold start. Listen for noises that sound like hissing or tapping. 

However you may be experiencing other key indicators like burning smell from the engine or even decreasing of fuel efficiency/power.

All in all, best to have a mechanic have a look into it further to solve the problem.



Have you ever heard a vehicle that has a muffler issue?

If you have, you will know exactly what is wrong with it.

The noise is excessive, usually caused from a hole.

Having the muffler rattle when taking off is another keen indicator that the muffler needs some attention. 

Not many people get the chance to look at their muffler being the position located under the car.

However, when your car is serviced, the technician can easily inspect your muffler.


Catalytic convertors

Your catalytic convertor in your car is vital to the treatment of gases your engine produces.

It actually converts toxic gases into less harmful gases before they are expelled from the exhaust.

When you experience an issue with your catalytic convertors it can be a massive health risk to you and your passengers.

If you find you are smelling fumes in your vehicle, take your car immediately into a workshop.