Gear Boxes

Manual gearbox servicing & repairs

Manual Gearboxes

Have you been finding the gears of your gearbox grinding lately?

Perhaps the gears are jumping out of gear.

Just like anything mechanical, over time the internal parts of the gearbox may wear out.

Replacement of the complete manual gearbox is not always necessary.

There may be a small issue that can be repaired or reconditioned.

This is entirely dependant on the extent of the wear or damage.

Most importantly, when you first notice the difficulties best to bring the vehicle into our workshop to be checked over.

Unfortunately the issues will only get worse and may cause more damage the longer you leave it.

However, preventative maintenance such as gearbox oil changes at service intervals can extend the life of the gearbox.

Our fully qualified mechanics will road test your vehicle at the time of servicing.

Taking notice of the change of gears is apart of the service and the mechanic can advise you if there is a problem present.


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